Little Mermaid Browband

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Little Mermaid browband. Do you love mermaids and horses? The purple and aqua crystals are similar to the colors on Ariel the mermaid! The perfect combination for black, white, grey, chestnut, palomino, or bay horses etc!

Gorgeous browband features:

  • Preciosa diamantes:  6mm aquamarine, 3mm clear, 3mm violet in silver cup!
  • English Sedgwick leather. Loops 1.5"
  • Smooth English black or brown leather backing for easy clean.
  • Browband sizes are as follows: Cob: 15" Full: 16" XFull: 17"
  • Aquamarine, Clear and Violet Megabling Curve 

***These handmade browbands arrive in about 3 weeks.