Get your horse's boots show-ring ready!

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Get your horse's boots show-ring ready!

It’s the night before the show, and you’re making sure your horse’s tack is ready for the ring. Your saddle is oiled, your girth and bridle are spotless, your boots are polished, but what about your horse’s boots? They’re dirty from the last time you used them and you’ve tried wiping them down with water, but when they dry they’re still dirty. You just can’t seem to get those spots off! My favorite trick for this is using a leather cleaner! If your horse’s boots are leather you will have already done this, but most boots used for the jumper ring are not. The leather cleaner will not make the boots soapy or sticky at all! To even add an extra shine to the boots, you can add leather oil. I don’t do this a lot because it can cause dirt to stick to them, but it does keep a coat in between the dust and the boots! You can find before and after pictures down below!

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  • Lea

    This is a great tip! I’ve tried it before and it works great!

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