Fanny the Adorable Pony

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Fanny the Adorable Pony

Hi there! Recently, Diamond got injections in some of her joints, so I've been riding other horses.

Yesterday (3/11/17), I rode a Morgan named Fanny! She is an eight-year old bay mare, which makes her act quite young (read: fun!) compared to my usual pony.

In addition to that, she is sooo cute! I love the way her mane is so long and thick, and her tail is wavy! Though, I do have to say, her forelock was my favorite. Fanny's forelock looks like a big, fuzzy wig, in a way. If I try to describe it more, I bet you wouldn't get the picture.

This isn't Fanny, but here is a picture I found on the web that will show you what I mean:

Doesn't that look like an fuzzy mane? And an adorable one at that! For those of you that don't know where in the world a forelock is, it's the hair that goes down a horse, or pony's face.

Now that we've got the "look" covered, I'll explain what happened when I rode Fanny. Now, Fanny had only gotten here the day before, so I was the second person that rode her. One of my brave friends had ridden her the night she came. This pony was a lot like Diamond, size, and all, but a lot younger, and cuter! If you don't know who Diamond is, please read my article titled "Blissful Diamond." 

When I went to go canter Fanny, she decided to test me. I asked her to go canter, and the first thing she did was speed up at the canter. Then, she put her head down, and started to crow-hop. I didn't fall off, but I had her stop, and walk. I tried to canter several more times, but it was the same each time. I eventually had a more experienced rider (which happened to be one of my friends) get on.

She had Fanny figured out as soon as she got on, and was cantering her like it was nothing! I got back on Fanny, and we went into the smaller ring. There my friend taught me the best way to ride Fanny, and it worked! To canter her, I needed to keep my leg on, and make her go forward so she couldn't buck, and shorten my reigns, and keep my hands up.

Even though we were cantering fast, she didn't crow-hop, unless I let her put her head down. I jumped her later on, and she did great! Riding Fanny made me a better rider, and taught me not to bury my hands on her neck, and to always keep my leg on. Thanks for reading this article, and I hope you learned something, and enjoyed it.

xoxo, Noelle Stuart

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