Blissful Pony Diamond - My First True Love

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Blissful Pony Diamond - My First True Love

Hi! My name is Noelle, and I'm so excited to share fun articles, and tips with you! But before we begin, you have to know that my favorite color is blue, and the amazing barn that I ride at is Equine Unlimited (EUI). I first began riding when I was two.  It all started at little pony rides at Apple Hill, and I loved it so much that I soon started riding Western.

​Now I'm riding English, and jump 2'9"....

Now I'll tell you a bit about my pony, Diamond. Diamond is a Quarter and Morgan horse crossbreed. She is an eighteen year old bay pony that's 14.1 hands high, and loves to jump!

At a show, Diamond is best in the jumper ring because she loves to go fast! In the hunter ring, the judges usually prefer a calm and collected horse, rather than an excited and jigging horse. Something that some people don't understand, is why a lot of horses and ponies have another name that they are known by at a show. This is just for fun, and no horse ever has to have a show name. Diamond's show name is Bliss which matches her personality at a show.

​If your horse ever does something like jigging, or trotting instead of walking it probably means that they're excited, or happy, and that's exactly how Diamond acts at a show! Horses can be very different at a show then they are at their home barn, it's totally normal. If you think about it, you also act a little different at a show then you would at your home barn. At a show, riders might dress differently, ride differently, and even think differently. Think about this the next time you go to a horse show. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you'll enjoy, and learn a lot from my articles!

xoxo, Noelle Stuart

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